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Welcome to the DeepBrain review where we will explore the ins and outs of this amazing AI-based creation tool that is taking both the AI and video world by storm.

If you are looking for a way to create captivating video content for your channel where you need a human avatar, then DeepBrain AI can prove a revolutionary tool for you. This tool will allow you to create a virtual AI avatar simply by your written text script.

We’ll give you a detailed and accurate review including key features of DeepBrain AI, how to use this tool, pros & cons, and a final verdict on this platform. Read on to learn them all.

DeepBrain AI Review

What Is DeepBrain AI?

DeepBrain AI is an AI-based video creation platform where you can generate hyper-realistic AI avatars to read your video scripts. They have different built-in avatars with different voices and accents. So, you don’t have to create them. However, this platform allows users to make any custom avatar if they want.

Using this futuristic platform, you can make a video for your channel in just 5 minutes. It follows a test-to-speech algorithm where you simply need to provide the script and select the avatar. The avatar will act accordingly. Using this platform, you can create perfect engaging content and how-to videos that can catch more organic audiences.

DeepBrain AI has 4 different business units:

  1. AI Human: It allows customers to do a real-time conversation with hyper-realistic 2D/3D avatars. It is mainly useful for customer service kiosks.
  2. AI Interview: It is used to improve HR progress using the interaction of the same human-like AI avatars.
  3. AI Studio: This is the solution for creators and marketers to create AI-generated video content using the text-to-speech algorithm.
  4. AI Avatar: They have 100+ AI avatars for users and these AI avatars cover multiple ethnicities and professions. You can find all the AI avatars there with 80+ available languages.

Use 100+ native AI avatars for your business. The AI Studios has AI avatars covering multiple ethnicities and professions. All avatars are available in 80+ languages.

Pricing of DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI offers two pricing plans:

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Pro Plan

Starter Plan

 This plan is ideal for those who are just starting out. According to this plan, you have to pay –

  • $30/month for up to 10 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $60/month for up to 20 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $120/month for up to 40 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $180/month for up to 60 minutes of a total video duration per month.

In this plan, you can have up to 6 scenes per video, 100+ AI Avatars, 80+ Languages & Voices with no Watermark.

Pro Plan

This plan is ideal for professionals and businesses. According to this plan, you have to pay –

  • $225/month for up to 90 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $300/month for up to 120 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $450/month for up to 180 minutes of a total video duration per month.
  • $600/month for up to 240 minutes of a total video duration per month.

In this plan, you can have up to 25 scenes per video, 100+ AI Avatars, 80+ Languages & Voices with no watermark, priority video processing, and API Access.

Features of DeepBrain AI

We already have mentioned the 4 main features of DeepBrain AI which are:

  1. AI Human
  2. AI Studios
  3. AI Interview
  4. AI Avatars

Let’s explore the features of “AI Studio” first –

Features of AI Studio

To be honest, the use cases for DeepBrain are endless. So, it isn’t possible to highlight all of them. Here are some of the features of AI Studio:

  • Text-to-Speech: You can convert your script text into a captivating video spoken by an AI character with just a few clicks.
  • Hyper-realistic AI Avatars: There is a vast library of human-like AI avatars; you can choose any of them according to your choice and need.
  • 80+ Languages & Voices: You can reach any audience from any region with this tool as it has over 80+ languages and voices.
  • Customizable Scenes: You can customize and craft multiple scenes per video according to your niche.
  • No Watermark: You can have full ownership of your content as your video will have no watermark.

Features of AI Interview

The AI Interview feature of DeepBrain has a lot of interesting features for its users to provide streamlined recruitment. Using this you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interviews using the advanced AI technology.

Here are some of the features of the AI Interview:

  • AI-based Interview Platform: Using this feature, you can identify the best talent for your organization in an efficient and effective way.
  • AI-powered Assessment Tools: It provides an AI-based recruitment process in which bias and human errors are reduced. 
  • Better Hiring Decisions: It also provides data-driven hiring decisions which are 100% accurate so that you can find the skills and potential of your employees easily and empower your business by hiring the worthy ones.
  • Best Platform for Job Seekers: This platform is very helpful for job seekers to showcase their potential and skills.

Other Features of DeepBrain AI

It has many other effective features for making AI-based video content such as –

  • Has a Flexible pricing plan feature that allows users to pay according to the video duration they need to generate using DeepBrain AI.
  • Provides 80+ languages and voices.
  • Provides 100+ diverse 2D and 3D human avatars.
  • Allow users to choose between head, upper body, and full-body avatars.
  • Has 65+ pre-made customizable video templates.
  • Free access to royalty music, graphic, and video assets.
  • Available up to 50 scenes per video.
  • Provides closed captions and auto translations.
  • Allows users to customize the subtitles.
  • It has ChatGPT integration so that users can create scripts easily.
  • It allows users to turn themselves into talking avatars using the Custom Avatar > Face Swap feature. You can upload your face photo and swap your face onto the AI avatar.
  • Allows users to record screens with and without audio.
  • Allows to customize the body gesture of the AI avatars.
  • The PPT to video feature allows users to convert PPT files into video with voiceovers in multiple languages.
  • It allows pro plan users to access the proprietary API.
  • Using the Voiceover uploads feature, you can record and upload your own voice and add it to any avatar.
  • Allows to download the generated videos in 1080p resolution.
  • With the No Watermark feature, you can make content for monetizing or commercial purposes as you own the copyright of the generated videos from DeepBrain AI.

How To Create A Video Using DeepBrain AI

To create a video using DeepBrain AI, you need to log in to the platform first. You can use your Google account to login into the platform if you don’t want to create an account manually. Once you are logged in, follow the steps below to create a video –

Step 1: First, choose any options among – ChatGPT, URL to AI video, solid background, default template, or import PowerPoint.

Step 2: Now, select a vertical or horizontal template from the template categories. You can watch a preview video of templates simply by clicking on it. You can also customize the template according to your need.

Step 3: Click on “Create AI Video” to start the video creation process.

Step 4: Choose an avatar style, whole or head avatar, or voice only with no avatar. Change the position and camera view of that avatar by choosing close-up, half-body, circle view, left, or right.

Step 5: From the languages and voice section, select your preferred language and voice.

Step 6: Now, insert a text script. You can use Chat-GPT integration, upload the script file or use your own voice or upload the audio file to add the audio to your content.

Step 7: Add text, subtitles, images, background, videos, audio, and shapes from the right sidebar according to your need. All these assets are royalty-free, so don’t worry about the copywriting issue.

Step 8: Listen to the audio preview once your video is ready. In this stage, your avatar won’t move or you won’t see any animation. Don’t worry, click on “Export” and it will take around 3 minutes to render a 1-minute video.

What Makes DeepBrain AI Apart from Regular Video-Making Tools?

There is no need for cameras, microphones, or actors: The platform features virtual actors (named avatars) that resemble human behavior with gestures and lip-synching according to speech.

You don’t need editing tools or equipment: This software has an editing dashboard, and you can add image and video backgrounds, texts, sound, and music.

There are no localization costs: A single video can be shared among different viewers only by changing the spoken language with a pair of clicks.

Incredibly low video production costs: Production costs equal to a monthly pricing plan currently starting at $30/month.

You don’t need any previous experience: DeepBrain features an intuitive dashboard to create a video in minutes.

Pros and Cons of DeepBrain AI

Like each and every platform, DeepBrain also has some pros and cons too. Let’s explore them below –


  1. You don’t need cameras, microphones, or actors to make videos.
  2. You don’t need to use any extra editing tools or equipment to edit the video.
  3. The video production cost is incredibly low. You don’t even have to bear the localization cost as you can share a single video among viewers from different regions simply by changing the language.
  4. You don’t need any special training or previous experience to make videos.
  5. You can minimize the video creation time. As DeepBrain AI will need only 5 minutes to make a video for you.
  6. The hyper-realistic avatars can make your content humanized.
  7. It provides catering to both – beginners and professionals.


  1. It has a limited video duration and on the starter plan, the video duration limit is only 10 minutes.
  2. If you are a professional video editor, you might miss a lot of traditional video editing features on this platform.

How Can You Utilize DeepBrain AI

You can utilize the DeepBrain AI for many purposes. Though the only purpose of this platform is to make AI-based videos, there are various categories of videos. This platform can prove helpful for tech enthusiasts, educators, businesses, content creators, and first adopters.  You can create engaging content such as –

  • Training videos
  • How-to videos
  • Marketing and promotional content
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Educational and Tutorial videos
  • Customer support video
  • YouTube and Social media videos.
  • Video presentations.
  • Onboarding videos.
  • Headline-grabbing news videos.

DeepBrain AI Review: Our Verdict

DeepBrain offers many exclusive features to its users and its AI-based systems are really effective and efficient. The movements of AI avatars are hyper-realistic and look natural. However, you can identify that it’s an AI by observing the blinks of their eyes. So, they need to improve this to make it super real. The voice also sounds natural though. Overall, DeepBrain is a great AI-based platform that runs smoothly without glitches and you can create a video in minutes at an incredibly low cost here.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What Kinds of Users and Organization Types Does DeepBrain AI Work With?

DeepBrain works with small to mid-sized businesses, enterprises, freelance, nonprofit, and government users and organizations. It promotes big industries like Microsoft, Samsung, Hyundai, Virgin Media, Nvidia, Lenovo, and NEC on its welcome page.

What Languages Does DeepBrain AI Support in Their Product?

DeepBrain supports over 80+ languages including English, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish.

Does DeepBrain AI Have An API?

Yes, DeepBrain has API, but they only provide API to their Pro Plan users. Normal free users and starter plan users can’t have API.

Does DeepBrain AI Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, DeepBrain offers a free trial with up to 1 minute of video duration.

What is the Company Name of DeepBrain?

You can access DeepBrain by going to And the name of the company is DeepBrain AI.


To conclude, this review article is reported after using and observing the DeepBrain AI to highlight the ability of this platform. The advanced AI-based features, pricing options, and use case of DeepBrain AI make it an exciting and promising tool for content creators and tech enthusiasts. This platform is something worth checking out at least once.

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