Zeda.io Reviews (A Product Management Tool Details)

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Product managers should develop their product strategy by focusing more on user problems. And if it can be done in a one-stop collaboration platform, then they can improve their work efficiency faster. Zeda.io is the platform where product managers can collaborate and develop their products.

Zeda.io was founded in 2021 and it is gaining popularity because of its smart features. It helps product management teams collect feedback, fragment data, and collaborate with stakeholders.

In this article, we’re going to provide a complete review of Zeda.io including the product details, its pricing, key features, and everything you need to know about this app. So, let’s begin.

Zeda.io Reviews

What Is Zeda.io?

Zeda.io is basically a product management tool that provides everything a product leader needs to define, manage, and collaborate on the product in one place. It can help you identify the problems with the product that is reported or faced by customers, decide what to do according to AI product intelligence, and create product strategies, plan, roadmaps, and measurements to get the best business outcome from the product.

In a word, Zeda.io is a simple tool that makes product management simpler and smarter. Many branded teams like Taskmonk, Cars24, KoinWorks, Hiver, Nimble, and many others use this tool to manage their products and drive business outcomes.

Now, let’s start with the pricing of this tool.

Pricing of Zeda.io

Zeda.io is basically a paid tool as you can drive your business profit using this tool. It provides a 14-day free trial for new users who want to explore Zeda.io as a product management tool. The good news is – you don’t even need to provide your credit card for this trial!

During the free trial you can have the following features from this tool –

  • Identify requirements for your product.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and customers for your product.
  • Make a prioritization list for improving your product.
  • Make roadmaps and much more.

Like other product management tools, it also has monthly and yearly subscriptions. For a monthly subscription, you have to pay $59 per month and for a yearly subscription, you have to pay $588 per year which means $49 per month.

If you go with the subscription, you can have the following features from this tool –

  • Collect feedback from customers
  • Make or customize feedback forms
  • Make your own prioritization frameworks
  • Add product & feature spaces
  • Make documentation
  • Make roadmap
  • Product management support & coaching
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Onboarding and migration help
  • Priority support

So many features, right? If it can provide these many features, then it must have more features inside this tool. Let’s explore.

Key Features of Zeda.io

As we’ve already mentioned that Zeda.io has almost everything you need as a product manager. That’s why you can get a lot of features out of this tool. Here are all the features of Zeda.io –

  1. Collaboration Tools
  2. Commenting/Notes
  3. Communication Management
  4. Customer Journey Mapping
  5. Customizable Fields
  6. Document Storage
  7. Gantt/Timeline View
  8. Idea Management
  9. Milestone Tracking
  10. Multiple Projects
  11. NPS of Customers
  12. Planning Tools
  13. Prioritization
  14. Product Lifecycle Management
  15. Product Roadmapping
  16. Progress Tracking
  17. Real-Time Notifications
  18. Real-time Updates
  19. Release Planning
  20. Reporting & Statistics
  21. Reporting/Analytics
  22. Requirements Management
  23. Resource Management
  24. Status Tracking
  25. Surveys & Feedback
  26. Third Party Integrations
  27. Workflow Management

Let’s explore the key features of Zeda.io now.

1. Feedback Panel

You can get all the feedback on your product in one platform. Users can share the problems or issues they are facing with your product in the feedback panel. You can also mark what type of the issue is and can assign your team to fix the issue from here.

2. Customer Portal

The customer portal is another feature of Zeda.io from where you can directly interact with your customer and share ideas.

3. Feature Dashboard

The feature dashboard is the page of Zeda.io from where you can provide all the features that need to be developed for your product. You have a list of the features where you can see the status of the feature, assign it to any members of your team, add duration, and make the priority list for every feature.

4. Roadmaps

You can make the roadmap for your product using the roadmap feature of Zeda.io. You can change the view from timeline to board and add many other built-in filters here.

5. Plan and Goals

You can create plans for your product and make goals from the plan and goals feature of Zeda.io. You can see the live progress for your plans and goals from this dashboard also.

How to Utilize Zeda.io

Zeda.io is a simple app and you don’t need any training to use this app. You just simply explore the features of this tool and you’ll understand what you can do using it. However, we’ve pointed out some tips to get benefits from this tool and also have explained how you can get it.

  1. You can create PRDs and make them accessible to the stakeholders.
  2. You can plan customer journey paths to improve user experience.
  3. You can visualize your product design using an intuitive wireframing tool.
  4. You can identify user needs, behaviors, and goals for your product by creating user personas.
  5. You can gain competitive advantages by identifying your competitors and following their research strategies.
  6. Break your product into features and sync them with the project management feature of this tool.
  7. Make your own custom framework or use the built-in frameworks of Zeda.io to identify what you should build next.
  8. Use two-way sync between all the stakeholder tools and focus on the product.
  9. You can collaborate with other tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, etc. to make this tool swifter.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What Kinds of Users and Organization Types Does Zeda.io Work With?

Zeda.io works with Small to mid-sized businesses, Enterprises, Freelance, Nonprofits, and the Government.

What Kind of Support Options Does Zeda.io Offer?

Zeda.io offers online support during business hours.

What Other Applications or Services Does Zeda.io Integrate With?

Zeda.io offers over 50 integrations with various tools of different functionalities. It is integrated with other productivity apps like Asana, GitHub, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Jira Software, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, and Zendesk.

What Is the Legal Name of Zeda.io?

The legal name of Zeda.io is Zeda Tech Inc. 

What Is the Revenue of Zeda.io?

The official website of Zeda.io is www.zeda.io and the revenue of this website is <$5 million.


Zeda.io is an excellent platform for product managers. Its intuitive user interface and range of integrations make it an attractive choice for product owners of all skill levels. Additionally, its commitment to security makes it a reliable platform for building secure and robust apps.

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