LowFruits.io Vs Keyword Chef | Which One Is the Best for You

If you want to gain traffic and profit on your website, you have to survive through the competition that is going around. To survive, you need to find and choose only low-competitive keywords that no one else is targeting. Finding them manually is a too hard and time-consuming task. Also, you may miss a lot of keywords that are not targeted by your competitors in this way.

For this, you must need to use a keyword research tool to get the maximum advantages. Though there are plenty of keyword research tools available on the market, you may’ve heard about LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef as the top 2 keyword research tools. Now you can’t decide which tool you should go for.

Why taking so much stress when we are here to help you? We have provided a detailed comparison of both LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef below so that you can easily compare and choose your desired one. You’ll get to learn about the pricing, key features, pros, cons, and some amazing special or hidden features of both tools after reading this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in.

Objective Of LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef

Both LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef are one of the best keyword research tools and both are popular for finding untouched, low-competitive, and profitable keywords.

While searching for keywords, they mainly focus on the SERP values, analyze them accurately, and get you niche keywords that you can actually rank faster, and keep yourself on the right track.

The main goal of these keyword research tools is to serve their customer and provide them with quality service. The best part of these tools is, they don’t only focus on earning money, and that’s why they provide a pay-as-you-go system that a few keyword research tools provide nowadays.

We’ll talk about it in more detail, but for now, let’s have a quick look at the key features of both tools.

Key Features of LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef

Now, let’s quickly learn about the key features of both LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef below.

Features of LowFruits.io

When the other keyword research tools focus on obscure Keyword Difficulties (KD), LowFruits.io finds keywords based on backlinks only. This feature analyzes SERPs that help get the low-competitive keywords and makes it better than other similar tools.

Here are the Key Features of this tool.

1. Easy to Get Keyword Ideas

On the dashboard, you’ll find a feature named “KWFinder”. It is the main feature where you can get a list of keyword ideas or analyze your own keywords.

This feature also has an “Advanced Option” from where you can add the domain of your website, set max DA, exclude negative keywords from the phrase, etc. which will surely help you hit the actual target.

2. Variety of Options to Analyze Keywords

While finding keywords, you can set the target county and language every time. It’ll also check for the presence of low DA (Domain Authority) websites and UGCs (User Generated Content websites) such as forums like Reddit, Quora, etc., and finally, fetch you the target keyword with which you can easily beat your competitors. You can identify these weak spots by observing the fruit icons. If the icon is green, it means the keyword has low DA, if the fruit icon is blue, it indicates the UGC.

You can also import and analyze the keyword using the “Import” feature of LowFruits.io.

This tool works with a credit system. You can buy a minimum of 2000 credits by spending only $25 and you’ll need only 1 credit for analyzing 1 keyword.

3. Get All the Detailed Information

It not only finds the keywords but also provides detailed information including the current ranking in the SERPs, the type of websites they are being used, and much more by just clicking the keyword after analyzing it.

You can also download the whole information about those keywords in a spreadsheet simply by clicking the “Download” button. You can analyze the keyword manually from that spreadsheet.

Features of Keyword Chef

Keyword Chef finds keywords using a very unique algorithm. It provides keyword ideas based on the ingredients that you input while searching. This is a creative way to generate ideas and the best part is everything is in your hand here. It doesn’t mean that you manually have to find low-competitive keywords. It also analyzes SERP automatically and finds your niche keywords.

Here are the Key features of this tool:

1. Pretty Simple Interface

The best thing about Keyword Chef is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are a beginner in this sector and haven’t used any keyword research tool before, then you’ll find this tool very easy to understand.

After signing into the Keyword Chef, you’ll find two different panels – “Dashboard”, and “my reports”.

You’ll find a search bar on the dashboard where you can find, research, and analyze your niche keywords.

2. Easy to Analyze Keywords

You can use a smart Keyword Filter while searching to get the exact keyword that you need for your website. In this feature, you can select specific criteria such as volume, SERP, keyword clusters, etc. You can also use an asterisk before, or after a keyword, or in the middle of a phrase to get different results from the same keyword.

3. Get and View Realtime Keywords

In Keyword Chef, you can directly see where and which websites are using those keywords as it tracks the Realtime SERP. You can also analyze the keywords and import them under “My report”.

The amazing thing about this tool is, you can visit the “My report” tab anytime and work with your analyzed keywords without spending any extra money or credits.

Differences Between LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef

Now let’s find out what are the core differences between these two keyword research tools – LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef. Before that, have a look at the table below.

FeaturesLowFruits.ioKeyword Chef
InterfaceSlightly ComplexQuite simple
Pricing systemCost EffectiveCost-effective
Keyword ResearchEffectiveImpressive
Generate IdeaNot PossiblePossible
For beginnersGoodBest
Free TrialAvailableAvailable

Now let’s elaborate on this chart above.

1. Interface

The interface of LowFruits.io is slightly complex because there are a lot of features available on the dashboard and as it is a powerful tool to research keywords, all those options are necessary and you can actually do a lot with this tool.

On the other hand, the interface of Keyword Chef is quite simple. You may find a lot of options while searching for keywords or after searching the keyword, but at the beginning, you’ll see only the dashboard and your records. So, it is really helpful for beginners to analyze keywords effectively without any complications.

2. Guideline

In LowFruits.io, a greeting prompt will appear in front of you and while researching for the first time, it will teach you how to use this tool. So, this is also pretty awesome if you are using this tool as a beginner.

Again, Keyword Chief is a simple tool, so it doesn’t need any prompt to guide you. But if you do some mistake using this tool, it will instantly prompt a red label and will tell you what to do. So, this is also quite impressive.

3. Pricing System

Both LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef use credits for researching keywords and provide a pay-as-you-go system. This means you don’t need to buy credits each month. You can buy credits according to your need and can use them until you use all your remaining credits. They never expiries also.

Again, they have a monthly subscription feature too for regular researchers. As some keyword researchers continuously research keywords, they pay monthly fees and get many other exclusive features that regular users can’t use.

4. Keyword Research

You can find long-tail keywords easily using LowFruits.io. You’ll find a lot of options to customize your keywords, and it can find a keyword that is searched by real people. So, you can actually gain organic traffic to your website using the keywords found by this tool.

Again, Keyword Chef can also find long-tail keywords easily. This tool has a smart search option and wildcard features to find desired keywords. You can customize your search using those features. The best thing about this tool is, you can generate keyword ideas using an asterisk in a phrase.

5. As a Beginner

If you have used other keyword research tools, you may have seen many complexities in them. But LowFriuits.io is much more simple than other tools. However, you may face little difficulties as a beginner but once you can adapt this tool, you can do a lot.

On the other hand, Keyword Chef is quite simple and easy to understand for beginners. The features are too easy to use and if you are new in this sector, you must go for this tool.

Our Verdict: LowFruits.io vs Keyword Chef

LoeFruits.io is a great option for you if you are looking for a more compressive keyword research tool. It has a lot more features than Keyword Chef, such as finding keyword difficulty, and competitor analysis.

Keyword Chef on the other hand is also a great option for you if you are a beginner and finding something easy to use. As LowFruits.io is less expensive and has a lot of exclusive features, it would be the best option for you in researching your niche keywords.

However, as both provide a free trial, why don’t you check both of them and decide which one can fulfill your needs and preferences?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Keyword Research Tool Is Most Accurate- LowFruits.io or KeywordChef?

Both LowFruits.io and Keyword Chef are accurate in their field. So, it completely depends on your need and preference which is more accurate for you. Both can find SERP-analyzed low-competitive keywords and both are quite effective.

What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO?

There are many keyword research tools available on the market and it is really hard to say which one of them is the best. The most trending keyword research tool of 2023 for SEO are Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, etc. However, according to experts, Semrush is one of the most powerful keyword research tools available today. If you are looking for something cost-effective, then you can go for LowFruits or KeywordChef.

Which Type of Keyword Is the Most Competitive?

Short-tail keywords contain high search volume and they’re more obvious. That’s why most people target these words and it is really harder to rank for being the most competitive keywords. If you are looking for something to rank, then you need to find low-competitive keywords and long-tail keywords considered low competitive keywords that are easier to rank.


Both LowFruits.io and KeywordChef are pretty effective tools for researching keywords. Again, both of them are cost-effective as you can use the pay-as-you-go service in both tools. However, as LowFruits.io has a lot more features for finding and analyzing low-competitive keywords, it is better than Keyword Chef in that case. But you’re recommended to try both of them at least once in your life as you don’t need to spend any of your money for this free trial.

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